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Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Spoilers: Song Da Hye, Seo Dong Jin Go Through Emotional Ride

Episode 11 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 arrived on TVING, on Friday, February 23, 2024. The fact relationship present launched β€œX-Room” and β€œPrivate Room” to the individuals within the earlier episode. They’d to decide on between the 2 rooms. Lee Search engine optimization Kyung, Lee Ju Gained, Lee Yu Jung, and Choi Chang Jin selected β€œX-Room,” whereas Kim Kwang Tae chosen the β€œPrivate Room” of Lee Yu Jung.

In Transit Love (EXchange) season 3, episode 11, viewers see ex-couple Tune Da Hye and Search engine optimization Dong Jin selecting the β€œX-Room.” They go on an emotionally heavy journey after getting into the room. They each tear down after seeing the room filled with recollections from their thirteen-year-long relationship. The episode additionally sees an trustworthy dialog between Lee Yu Jung and her ex-boyfriend Choi Chang Jin.

Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 11: Tune Da Hye and Search engine optimization Dong Jin select β€œX-Room”

Episode 11 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 begins with Lee Yu Jung having a one-on-one chat with Kim Kwang Tae as he selected her β€œPrivate Room” within the earlier episode. After their dialog, Lee Yu Jung retains an open thoughts concerning Kim Kwang Tae. After that, the episode takes the viewers on an emotional trip as Search engine optimization Dong Jin chooses to enter β€œX-Room.”

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Search engine optimization Dong Jin then explores the room with so many pictures and different memorable tokens of his 13-year-long romantic relationship with Tune Da Hye. He turns into extraordinarily emotional and breaks down in tears as he witnesses how valuable and significant their relationship was earlier than they broke up.

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Moreover, in Transit Love (EXchange) season 3, episode 11, Tune Da Hye additionally chooses the β€œX-Room,” proper after she enters the room, she is totally damaged down. She goes by way of all the images and letters with a heavy coronary heart and tears in her eyes. It’s fairly clear from each of their response that their relationship meant loads to them.

The most recent Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 episode additionally sees Cho Hwi Hyun and Lee Hye Gained selecting the β€œX-Room.” They’re additionally emotional after resisting recollections from their relationship, however they nonetheless have a number of misunderstandings between them. Kong Sang Jeong, nevertheless, doesn’t select β€œX-Room;” as an alternative, she enters Choi Chang Jin’s private room.

A brand new mail arrives, declaring that the individuals might be going to Jeju Island in episode 11

In a while, in the home, a brand new mail arrives. It tells the feminine individuals to decide on an individual to go to Jeju Island collectively, excluding their exes. It appears like a tough choice for a few of the feminine contestants. Lee Yu Jung chooses Lee Ju Gained, with whom she has constructed a brand new romantic connection. Lee Ju Gained additionally desires to go to Jeju Island together with her, and thus, they’re each enthusiastic about their new journey.

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In Transit Love (EXchange) season 3, episode 11, each Kong Sang Jeong and Tune Da Hye select Choi Chang Jin. He chooses Tune Da Hye to go to Jeju Island collectively. Lee Hye Gained and Lee Search engine optimization Kyung selected Search engine optimization Dong Jin. He then decides to go together with Lee Hye Gained.

After the choices are over, on the finish of the Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 episode, an trustworthy dialog happens between Choi Chang Jin and his ex-girlfriend Lee Yu Jung. Throughout their dialog, Lee Yu Jung clearly tells Choi Chang Jin that she has moved on and has developed emotions for somebody new in the home. The episode ends proper there.

Viewers can watch Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 on TVING.

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