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Solo Leveling: Who is Baek Yoon-Ho?

One of many central supporting forged in Solo Leveling is Baek Yoon-Ho. He’s a Korean S-rank hunter and the chief of the White Tiger Guild. Within the anime sequence, Yoon-Ho is voiced by Hiroki Touchi in Japanese, whereas the well-known Christopher Sabat voices his English counterpart.Β 

Whereas he hasn’t made any important look within the anime to this point, he’s fairly an important character within the plot. Being an S-ranked hunter, he’s immensely highly effective. Slight glimpses of his energy could possibly be seen initially of the anime sequence, nonetheless, his complete talents nonetheless should be revealed. Let’s take a deeper have a look at Baek Yoon-Ho’s character and talents.

Who’s Baek Yoon-Ho in Solo Leveling?

Baek Yoon-Ho from Solo Leveling
Baek Yoon-Ho (A-1 Footage)

Baek is a well-built younger man with spiky orange hair. His eyes are ember-colored with outstanding canine tooth and neatly groomed sideburns. Within the Solo Leveling Webtoon, he could possibly be seen sporting a black tux. Moreover, he wore a blacked-out armour with yellow shoulder guards throughout the Jeju Island Raid. When he makes use of his powers, there’s a important change in his look. His eyes glow with a touch of yellow whereas his hairs flip white, and his pupils turn into slits.

Character-wise, he’s an formidable man who genuinely cares about his guild members. His diligence was expressed when he left his unique guild to create his personal. He acquired right into a combat with Dong-Soo when he tried to choke an worker. Yoon-Ho additionally demanded an evidence from Jin-Woo when solely three members returned from the Pink Gate Incident. He’s fairly perceptive and sharp as effectively. He was the primary particular person to grasp that Jinwoo had no restrict to his power.

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Baek Yoon-Ho: Korean S-Ranked Hunter

Baek Yoon-Ho from Solo Leveling
Baek Yoon-Ho (A-1 Footage)

He is without doubt one of the high hunters in Korea. Baek Yoon-Ho is a S-Rank Hunter. Nevertheless, it’s acknowledged that he’s comparatively weak for his rank. He was effortlessly defeated by a number of the Japanese S-Rank Hunters.

  • Enhanced Power: Yoon-Ho could possibly be seen combating toe-to-toe with Dong-Wook. He didn’t rework absolutely and generate small bursts of wind stress together with his strikes. Moreover, his transformation offers him a power buff. This enhancement is slightly robust as he was capable of overpower Dong-Wook in a 1-on-1 battle simply.
  • Enhanced Pace: Demonstration of his fast tempo was seen when Yoon-Ho was capable of react in time to Kumamoto’s assaults.
  • Enhanced Sturdiness: Yoon-Ho was deeply wounded whereas combating the Ant King. Nevertheless, he was capable of hold his senses because of enhanced sturdiness.
  • Transformation: Yoon-Ho can rework right into a tiger-like humanoid monster. He develops white fur over his physique; his hair turns pure white with sharp claws and outstanding fangs. This manner enhances his power and pace prominently. He can even management which physique half he needs to rework. This was demonstrated when he solely reworked his fingers and hair throughout his sparring match towards Kumamoto.
  • Eyes of the Beast: Yoon-Ho can exactly estimate the facility ranges of his opponents, could or not it’s a monster or one other hunter. As a bonus, this ability additionally enhances his reflexes.
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