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Red Swan K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers

Standard Ok-drama Crimson Swan aired a model new episode 4 on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus. The sequence paperwork the journey of profitable golfer Oh Wan-Soo (Kim Ha-Neul), who marries the conglomerate Hwain Group and heads a charitable basis. She meets her bodyguard Web optimization Do-Yoon (Rain) and the 2 expose the darkish and hidden secrets and techniques of the conglomerate collectively.

Episode 4 of Crimson Swan noticed Oh Wan-Soo and Web optimization Do-Yoon work collectively and individually on their missions. Whereas Oh Wan-Soo navigated challenges towards her from the Hwain Group, Do-Yoon tried to seek out clues concerning the conglomerate’s late Chairman, Kim Duo, and good friend Ju-Hyuk’s respective murders. In the meantime, Chairwoman Park Mi-Ran performed her personal card, tormenting Wan-Soo ultimately.

Crimson Swan Ok-Drama Episode 4 spoilers

Crimson Swan Ok-drama Episode 4 started with Web optimization Do-Yoon secretly acquiring safety footage of Hwain Group. He managed to flee Chairwoman Park Mi-Ran’s safety, who knowledgeable him of Hwain Group inheritor Kim Yong-Guk ordering to fulfill him. Yong-Guk requested Do-Yoon to not meddle in affairs between him and his spouse, Oh Wan-Soo. In the meantime, Do-Yoon left with a resolve to deliver the conglomerate down.

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Again in his personal room, he seemed by way of the CCTV footage to see Yong-Guk giving his safety Park Kyeong-Ju cash, which the latter then gave the Manila gang. In the meantime, Do-Yoon questioned concerning the cash, because it was greater than what could be required to rent somebody to kill.

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Oh Wan-Soo plots towards Hwain Group

Oh Wan-Soo sat in her late son Chan-Hee’s room, ordering the in-house maid to lock the room. In the meantime, Hwain Group Chairman Park Mi-Ran and her aide mentioned having Wan-Soo resign as NOW Basis director and exchange her along with her brother. Nevertheless, the latter revealed the identical to Wan-Soo, who devised a sport plan. Wan-Soo requested her brother to inform the tabloids about her husband Yong-Guk having an illegitimate baby.

As rumors about Yong-Guk and Jang Tae-Ra’s affair and their baby unfold, Tae-Ra requested Wan-Soo to arrange an interview concerning the concern. Later, Wan-Soo requested Mi-Ran to rethink her resignation and go away the inspiration in her fingers. However Mi-Ran requested Wan-Soo to put low and preserve her fingers off the inspiration. Later, Wan-Soo determined to arrange a press convention.

Whereas the press waited for her, Mi-Ran knowingly stored Wan-Soo busy by organizing their assembly with a minister. Nevertheless, with the assistance of her bodyguard, Do-Yoon, Wan-Soo escaped the assembly and went to the press convention. When the reporters requested her to make clear the rumor, Wan-Soo revealed that the illegitimate baby wasn’t her husband’s however of the late Chairman Kim Duo. In the meantime, an infuriated Mi-Ran was puzzled.

When Wan-Soo met Mi-Ran, she requested the Chairwoman to keep away from the inspiration. Mi-Ran warned her of harmful penalties forward.

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Web optimization Do-Yoon and Oh Wan-Soo share secrets and techniques

After Oh Wan-Soo’s press convention, safety head Park Kyeong-Ju confronts Do-Yoon for not informing him of the occasion and taking sufficient safety to guard Wan-Soo. In the meantime, Tae-Ra entered the Hwain Group residence alongside along with her son Jun-Hee. Mi-Ran welcomes the 2 into the home whereas Wan-Soo calls her a “mistress.” She requested Tae-Ra to put low inside the home and preserve herself within the room allotted to her and her son.

At evening, Wan-Soo headed out for a run accompanied by Do-Yoon. The latter questioned what Wan-Soo wished to guard so passionately that she would danger her life. Wan-Soo instructed him about her interplay with the late Chairman Kim Duo when she scanned her hand on financial institution paperwork. The Chairman promised to disclose the small print later, assigning her an vital process. Moreover, the Chairman requested she divorce Yong-Guk after the task was over.

Do-Yoon, for his half, revealed that the late Chairman was murdered by somebody inside Hwain Group. He additional suspected that the identical particular person may now be focusing on Wan-Soo. He instructed her about his likelihood encounters with the gang in Manila, who have been planning to focus on her, and in addition instructed her concerning the police suspecting his late good friend Ju-Hyuk’s homicide investigations.

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Throughout a household dinner along with her sister-in-law’s dad and mom, Wan-Soo embarrassed Chairman Park Mi-Ran by not confirming the Chinese language ambassadors’ deal to spend money on duty-free outlets. Wan-Soo agreed to get the FDA approval on the deal if Mi-Ran would depart her to run the NOW Basis. The next day, Wan-Soo and Mi-Ran met for the opening ceremony of the NOW Welfare Heart. Nevertheless, the 2 wore the identical garments by likelihood, which left Mi-Ran shocked. The latter solely noticed it as an insult when it was a coincidence.

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Crimson Swan Episode 4: What occurs ultimately?

Park Mi-Ran shocks Wan-Soo with an replace on her mom

After the opening ceremony, Wan-Soo met Mi-Ran to make clear the incident. Nevertheless, the Chairwoman had one other main replace. Mi-Ran expressed how Wan-Soo hadn’t seen her mom in over a decade. She then revealed that Wan-Soo’s mom was preventing for her life in a psychiatric hospital. Wan-Soo grew emotional after seeing her mom’s footage on the hospital.

On the finish of the episode, Wan-Soo, her brother, and Do-Yoon went to the psychiatric hospital in a secluded metropolis. Wan-Soo went inside with Do-Yoon after requesting to see her mom alone. As Do-Yoon waited outdoors, he heard Wan-Soo scream for her mom. The episode ended on a cliffhanger after Do-Yoon entered the room.

Don’t overlook to tune in to Crimson Swan Ok-drama Episodes 5 and 6 subsequent Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus.

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