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One Piece: Who are Dorry and Brogy of the Giant Warrior Pirates?

Who’re Dorry and Brogy in One Piece? The sequence has many kinds of races within the story and one among them is giants. The story launched these two giants again within the Little Backyard arc of the Alabasta Saga. Here’s a information on Dorry and Brogy.

Who’re Dorry and Brogy in One Piece?

Dorry and Brogy are giants from Elbaf. They’re additionally each the captains of the Large Warrior Pirates. Every of them has a bounty of 100,000,000 Berries. The Straw Hat Pirates met Dorry and Brogy at Little Backyard, an island situated in Paradise on the Grand Line.

The 2 are nice finest mates with respect for each other. Round 100 years in the past, they bought into an argument over who caught the larger fish after a bit of woman requested which fish was larger. To settle that argument, they went to Little Backyard and dueled over it. In the course of the Water 7 and Fish-Man Island arcs, the 2 giants had been nonetheless dueling.

Dorry is 160 years outdated (after the time skip) and has an extended beard. He wears a helmet that goes as much as his eyes. Brogy is identical age and has a shorter beard. His helmet has two horns. Each of them are dressed up like Vikings.

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Whereas giants are identified for being extremely sturdy and sturdy, Dorry and Brogy are stronger and extra bodily expert in comparison with different giants.

Why are Dorry and Brogy with Shanks?

Dorry and Brogy are shut with Shanks, calling him โ€œbrother.โ€ Shanks is an outdated buddy of theirs, and he has a very good relationship with the giants normally.

When Child and his crew fought Shanks, the 2 giants helped him sink Childโ€™s ship. At this level, the 2 giants had been already again on Elbaf. That is in the course of the Egghead arc.

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