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My Happy Ending Episode 15 Recap & Spoilers: Jang Na-Ra Teams up With Park Ho-San, Kim Soo-Jin

Episode 15 of My Glad Ending aired on TV Chosun on Saturday, February 24, 2024. The previous episode of the Ok-drama ended with Search engine optimization Jae-Received’s (Jang Na-Ra) father declaring that he killed his spouse in courtroom after he couldn’t bear to see his daughter in such a distressed state of affairs. Within the new episode, viewers see the courtroom releasing Search engine optimization Jae-Received’s father after Nam Tae-Joo (Park Ho-San) comes ahead as a witness within the case.

My Glad Ending episode 15 additionally sees Search engine optimization Jae-Received teaming up with each Nam Tae-Joo and Detective Oh Soo-Jin (Kim Soo-Jin). Collectively, they plan to gather Kwon Yoon-Jin’s (So Yi-Hyun) confession to her heinous crimes. The episode additionally reveals that Yoon Te-Oh (Lee Ki-Taek) knew Search engine optimization Jae-Received from a lot earlier throughout his childhood. The reality about Kwon Yoon-Jin’s crimes within the episode additionally comes earlier than everybody.

My Glad Ending Episode 15: Park Ho-San, Kim Soo-Jin assist Jang Na-Ra to gather So Yi-Hyun’s confession

My Glad Ending episode 15 begins the place episode 14 ends with Search engine optimization Jae-Received’s (Jang Na-Ra) father getting emotional and saying in courtroom that he killed his spouse. Nevertheless, Search engine optimization Jae-Received’s lawyer saves the state of affairs. Later, Jae-Received meets with the lawyer and Yoon Te-Oh (Lee Ki-Taek). They’re looking for methods to avoid wasting Jae-Received’s father,

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Within the meantime, Kwon Yoon-Jin (So Yi-Hyun) asks Yoon-Jae (Hwang Yoon-Je) to kill Nam Tae-Joo (Park Ho-San). He then goes on to stab Nam Tae-Joo and throws him into the water. Nevertheless, in a while, the episode discloses that Nam Tae-Joo is alive as he enters the courtroom as a witness within the case of Jae-Received’s father. He offers his testimony in courtroom, which helps Jae-Received’s father be launched from jail.

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In My Glad Ending episode 15, Nam Tae-Joo then will get arrested by the police as he’s a main suspect in a homicide case. Whereas contained in the jail, Jae-Received groups up with Detective Oh Soo-Jin (Kim Soo-Jin). They resolve to make use of Nam Tae-Joo to catch Kwon Yoon-Jin (So Yi-Hyun) and Yoon-Jae (Hwang Yoon-Je) red-handed. They make Nam Tae-Joo name Kwon Yoon-Jin and inform her that he has one thing to assist her save herself from the regulation. When Yoon-Jin and Yoon-Jae come to satisfy Nam Tae-Joo, he begins upsetting Yoon-Jin to admit her crimes.

Yoon-Jin lastly confesses to all her crimes, and Nam Tae-Joo information the whole lot. Nevertheless, Yoon-Jin then asks Yoon-Jae once more to kill Nam Tae-Joo. When he assaults him once more with a knife, Detective Oh Soo-Jin arrives on the spot, together with Yoon Te-Oh and Search engine optimization Jae-Received. Though Yoon-Jin escapes the place in her automotive, the detective catches Yoon-Jae. The police then begin in search of Kwon Yoon-Jin.

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On the finish of My Glad Ending episode 15, viewers see Search engine optimization Jae-Received’s daughter return from the U.S. Nevertheless, earlier than Jae-Received can obtain her on the airport, Kwon Yoon-Jin takes the younger lady along with her. After that, Jae-Received arrives on the airport and appears for her daughter. She quickly realizes that Kwon Yoon-Jin has kidnapped her. The episode ends proper there.

Viewers can watch episode 15 of My Glad Ending on Viki.

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